cANAda pAULA brasil

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I am an international visual arts professional graduated in fine arts and photography. 
Expertise, creativity, and knowledge combined with my advanced techniques are a unique mix in my artistic world. I am currently working with textile art to express the happiness of life.
I was born into a family of poets, artists, and seamstresses. My love affair with quilting began with my grandma when I was eight years old. I teach since 1994. In the early 90's I start appeared on TV shows and my work has been featured in dozens of magazines in Brazil. Since then I have attended international shows where my art can be seen in public exhibitions, museums, and galleries. 
Living in Canada I can exhibit my art abroad, sharing my art knowledge in my beautiful and happy journey across the universe of fine art quilt at my studio.
I am always filled with humor, high energy, stories, and tips, ensuring my classes are educational and fun.
I believe that there are no mistakes but opportunities. 
Get ready to think outside the box!

CQA/ACC - Canadian Quilters’ Association Member

IQA - International Quilt Association Member

SAQA - Studio Art Quilt Associates Member

MQG - Modern Quilt Guild 

ABPQ - Brazilian Quilt Association Member

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