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Wholecloth Quilting

Wholecloth FMQ


price: $150.00 CAD  

Can you imagen create your own wholecloth quilt, before?

This awesome course will transform you from a beginner free motion quilter to a super confident quilter. You are more creative and able to do everything with skills and knowledge than you have allowed yourself believe.

You will learn, EVERYTHING you need to know about quilting threads, needles and all quilting techniques.

Come to learn how to make your own quilts like a Quilting Master, like a Rockstar and learning exactly how to decide what to quilt where.
- It gives you more creative!
- It save your money!
- It save your time!

You will learn:
- how to create and draw your on mandala
- what kind weight thread you need to used for different effects

- you will play with different fabrics ( silk, organza...)

Bring your  quilting threads, full bobbins and have fun with me!

It is really fun!

YOUR free motion quilting will be beautiful and you will also enjoy more the process of finished by yourself your quilts and you are fell AMAZING because free motion quilting is the most wonderful part of the process.

Are you ready to the next level?