cANAda pAULA brasil

Price: full day $420.00 CAD
         half day $240.00 CAD

full day 9am - 3pm (5 projects)

half day morning  9am - noon (3 projects)

half day afternoon noon - 3pm (3 projects)

MARCH from Monday 11 TO Friday 15.


I'm excited to offer a fun sewing camp for you while being able to socialize with friends.
Summer is a perfect time to explore your creativity. It is a great time to take an entire week or part-time and learn how to sew. Sewing is such a great lifelong skill and is much creative AND useful, and the most important thing is very FUN!
In the summer camp, kids will learn all about sewing machine operation and safety, sewing, and pattern use. We play on the safety sewing machine, The Home Janome. It’s such an easy machine to introduce and the kids just get it! 
After a bit of practice sewing on paper and fabric scraps, the kids have amazing Contemporary Textile Art! The first project is done! it’s so exciting. 
I always pre-cut the fabric kits to save time and get them right into the fun part, which is the sewing! 
The kids learn age proper sewing techniques. Your confidence will grow as you improve your sewing skills and create your own unique project. 
Which is fairly challenging at the start, becames happiness during the process and at the end of the camp they will are so proud to show off what they have on the gorgeous exhibit to friends, parents & family have fun and enjoy the pretty results. 
Come play with us and make your summer a Unique Experience and have awesome memories to share. 
We also offers year round kids classes for those that want want to keep on sewing! Type your paragraph here.

Sewing March Break