‚ÄčcANAda pAULA brasil

I wanted to talk to you about the devastating situation that has unfolded in my hometown in Brazil, specifically in the province of Rio Grande do Sul. I'm not sure if you're aware, but our province is made up of 497 cities, and recently, storms have wreaked havoc on over 425 of these cities.

The storms have caused widespread destruction, including landslides, destroyed roads, collapsed bridges, power outages, and water cuts. As a result, more than a millions of people are currently without access to basic necessities such as drinking water and food. These alarming statistics were reported by Brazil's civil defence agency just yesterday.

In light of this crisis, I have taken the initiative to start a campaign to provide quilts to the survivors. One of the pressing concerns is the upcoming winter season, which will further exacerbate the challenges faced by the affected population. To address this, I have contacted with some quilters to make quilts but we need a huge help. Our goal is to create quilts for the survivors, providing them with warmth and comfort during these difficult times. The need for quilts is immense, and we are aiming to produce thousands of them. We talked about over 2 million people homeless. The Brazilian quilters started and we need the Canadian quilters to embrace us. 

Now, I need your help in reaching out to the quilting community in Canada. I believe that their expertise and compassion can greatly contribute to our cause. I am looking for the best contacts and channels to connect with guid quilters who would be willing to create quilts for the people of Rio Grande do Sul. Shipping the quilts to Brazil is not a  concern, because the Vine Church working to us figure out the logistics to shipping to Brazil. Additionally, I have gained support from a prominent Brazilian TV show, which will help raise awareness and encourage more people to join our cause.  

I believe that together, we can make a significant impact in the lives of those affected by this disaster. The quilts will not only provide physical warmth but also serve as a symbol of solidarity, compassion,  love and support from across the globe. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or contacts that could assist us in this endeavour. Your assistance in spreading the word and connecting us with Guild quilters would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Feel free to ask me anything you need to know. I look forward to your response and the possibility of working together to bring relief to the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

Embrace Rio Grande do Sul