Temperature Quilt 2024

I thrilled to announce the Temperature Quilt 2024 quilt club  project. 

A Temperature Quilt is a visual snapshot of the daily high and low temperatures for your location during 2024.

 A temperature quilt uses simple two fabric quilt blocks over the course of a whole year  to track the high and low temperatures of each day in a given location.  Temperature quilts are made all around the world representing all different types of climates and milestones totally unique to whoever is making the project.

In this year,  we'll share tips on getting  on your  project for 2024, a handy temperature tracker where you can make note of your fabrics being used,  different tips, and much more.

​We will play 3 hours meeting in person and virtual every  last Friday to the month  to enjoy the next new blocks.

Facebook group

special activities during the year and special price when end the temperature.


Only CAD$35,00 monthly and a lot of fun time together.

It's  so much fun, yeah?

 Meetings during the year

 Physical and  online 

 6pm - 9pm


 1- December 29, 2023

 2- January 19, 2024

 3- February 23, 2024

 4- March 29, 2024

 5- April 26, 2024

 6- May 31, 2024

 7- Jun 28, 2024

 8- Jul 26, 2024

 9- August 30, 2024

10- September 27, 2024

11- October 25, 2024

12- November 29, 2024

13- December 27, 2024

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